Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Control Systems MCQ Objective Questions

1. The Transfer function of the system is used to determine:
a) The output for a given input
b) The type of the system
c) The input for a given output
d) The steady state gain

2. The transfer function of a system is defined as:
a) The laplace transform of the impulse response
b) Laplace transform of the step response
c) Laplace transform of the ramp response
d) Laplace transform of the sinusoidal input

3. The transfer function has the main application in the study of __ behavior of the system
a) Steady
b) Transient
c) Both steady and transient
d) None of the above

4. Transfer function of the control system depends on
a) Initial conditions of input and output
b) System parameters alone
c) Nature of the input
d) Nature of the output

5. The ON-OFF controller is a __ system
a) Linear
b) Non linear
c) Discontinuous
d) Digital

6. The impulse function is a derivative of __ function:
a) Parabolic
b) Step
c) Ramp
d) Linear

7. Control Systems are normally designed with damping factor:
a) Less than unity
d) More than unity
c) Zero
d) Unity

8. Error Constants of a system are measure of:
a) Relative stability
b) Transient state response
c) Steady state response
d) Steady state as well as transient state response